There are only four ways to grow your business organically: increase the number of customers, increase the average transaction value, get the existing customers to buy from you more often, and shorten your deal cycle (close deals faster)



Grow Your Business And Increase Your Profits With Smart Negotiating Training, Breakthrough Negotiation Strategies and Leading Edge Tools for Business Owners,  Entrepreneurs, Salespeople and Professional Buyers.


The Price Negotiation Playbook

More than 85% of salespeople reduce price before closing the sale.

The Price Negotiation Playbook is a practical street-wise toolkit for anyone who wants to sell at higher prices, effectively respond to price objections, protect margins and close deals at full price.

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Price Negotiation Masterclass

The Price Negotiation Masterclass is geared towards helping Sales Managers, Sales Teams, Entrepreneurs, Business Consultants and Business Owners eliminate discounting, increase revenues and improve operating profits by competing on value, not price. 

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Smart Negotiating 2.0 Online Course

Breakthrough Negotiating Strategies and Techniques for the Real World.

Smart Negotiating 2.0 is the ultimate Negotiator's Game Plan designed for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Salespeople who want to grow their business and increase profits. 

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What is Your Company's Negotiation IQ?

This questionnaire has been designed to assist the C-suite, Managing Directors, VPs of Sales, Sales Directors, Procurement Directors, Business Leaders and Business Owners in getting a comprehensive view of how their organisations and business functional areas negotiate as a whole, identify gaps that erode profitability and improve negotiation performance of their mission-critical teams.

  • More than 80% of salespeople make a price concession before closing the sale and an average of 1% price discount may decrease your operating profits by 8%-11%.
  • 50%-70% of a typical company's revenue goes back to suppliers and only 13% of organisations confirms that they realise all of the anticipated value from supply contracts.
  • A 1% decline in variable costs can result in more than 7% increase in operating profits.
  • Between 20% and 40% of the annual contract value is at stake due to how contracts. are negotiated and how relationships are managed.
  • 60%-80% of strategic alliances fail to deliver expected benefits and value.
  • 70%-90% of mergers and acquisitions fail and up to 90% of these strategic deals do not boost shareholder returns.
  • IACCM found that companies with no standardised negotiation processes in place suffered an average net income (bottom line profitability) decline of 63.3 per cent.

How your organisation negotiates as a whole can make or break your company. Complete this questionnaire to receive a tailored report with actionable recommendations on how to create exponential growth in your business by transforming negotiation from an individual competency into an organisational capability.

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How To Improve Your Negotiating Performance & Results in Three Easy Steps

Are you at the top of your game and ready to take your negotiation skills to the next level? There has never been a great negotiator who was born great. Great negotiators, like great athletes, leaders or politicians, simply do the basics really well. 

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Regardless of how you define success, this training will show you how to guarantee the attainment of it. It will give you confidence, it will give you skills, it will give you tools, and most importantly it will help you win financially.


Real People. Real Results.

It was the best negotiation training I have ever attended.

Dawid W.
Client Business Manager, Vodafone

Have worked with Michael previously and can honestly say he had a big positive impact on the global business sales, very professional and effective.

Stephen Moore
Global Business Leader

The negotiation training & intervention delivered by Michael Zieba helped tremendously. The meeting with the customer who used to be very aggressive went very well and they very much want to partner with us to make this relationship successful. We have executed our negotiation strategy and the customer has signed the biggest CR in the history of our company – £3.5M. Thank you very much!

Regional Director, NGA HR

I have become more mindful of my preparation and time spent before engaging with internal and external customers. Using your negotiation techniques and planning, I’ve been able to bring in 3 service orders for work (22 days of work, and >$10,000 in revenue).

Nichole C.
Project Manager, NGA HR

I have just completed Michael’s negotiation course. Michael made the course very interactive and used a variety of different approaches in his teaching. He is clearly very knowledgeable with regard to negotiation. I used to run internal training courses for several years after receiving extensive training to do so. As a result, I am tough to impress. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the session and gained a lot of valuable learning.

Kevin R.
Business Improvement Manager, Network Rail


Our team had the pleasure to attend a sales negotiation course with Micheal. It was very interactive. He used a variety of techniques and approaches. Definitely learnt a lot from the course and Micheal himself. What made it more enjoyable and interesting was the course was practical and engaged the whole team with different customised scenarios which we all played out and discussed afterwards. I personally have started using what I have learnt in my everyday sales negotiations. I have improved my price negotiation skills, eliminated discounting and most importantly improved margins as a result. Would highly recommend The Business Negotiate Academy. 
Kukie M.
National Account Manager, Manning Impex

I attended a sales negotiation course run by Michael and he really knows his stuff. The courses he runs are full on and intensive involving group work, exercises and individual feedback. The skills you gain in such a short period of time are priceless. The knowledge gained from the course has significantly improved my negotiation skills and has ultimately helped increase the company sales revenue. I would highly recommend you speak with Michael to see what he could offer.

Jim V.
Business Manager, Vascutek

Thank you for presenting an excellent negotiation course to my team. The feedback from the day has been very very positive – my guys are already putting it into practice! Well done!

Matthew Akers – Procurement Director, Invertek Drives

The course gave excellent tips for negotiation. Excellent use of examples. I liked all of it. Michael made it extremely valuable and inspiring!!!

Jasper van Grunsven - BU Director, Nycomed-Takeda

The trainer was very good and knowledgeable. Everything taught is very important for my job. All the content is immediately applicable. 

Jack Frangou - Divisional Finance Controller, Network Rail

I would like to thank you for arranging the Advanced Decision-Making and Negotiation Skills Training course for Allied Bank. I am immensely pleased with the leaming outcomes of the course. We enjoyed the highly interactive training which comprised many practical learning tools and role plays. The Trainer had extensive commercial deal experience, was very approachable and provided personal attention and support wherever needed. The environment was professional, yet humoured, relaxed and informal, providing an excellent learning platform. The relevance of the course is not only with regards to our interaction with clients, but also to our interaction within the CIBG and ABL environment. It would definitely allow us to negotiate in a better, more organized manner. On behalf of the participants, I pay special gratitude to Mr. Michael Zieba. He is a very knowledgeable presenter and he has exceptional teaching ability. The course was conducted in such an excellent manner that all the participants were involved in the training process until the last moment.

Asif Bashir – Vice President - Chief Commercial and Retail Banking, Allied Bank

When I served as the Director of Service Transition at NGA, we engaged Michael to facilitate several sessions on negotiations. Even though our team was made up of post sales resources, their job entailed deep negotiations during the project. Michael guided them through a series of activities and simulations that were quite impactful to them. The feedback that we received was quite positive. The team felt up-skilled in an area that was once foreign to them. Confidence was gained and an ability to manoeuvre tough situations became easier for our team. Such a valuable investment!

Emily Crozier – Director, Service Transition, NGA HR

The Procurement Negotiation Academy program delivered by Michael Zieba is phenomenal. Lots of practical tools, strategies and techniques that my team can apply from day one. Great trainer with practical knowledge. We finally have strategies to deal with single-source and sole suppliers! Practical negotiation techniques combined with supplier relationship and risk management tools.

Majed Raddadi - Head of Procurement & Facilities, Ma’aden

We have investigated a number of training providers and The Procurement Negotiation Academy is by far the best training solution available for Purchasing Teams right now. Michael Zieba has a lot of strategic and tactical knowledge, and my team has benefited tremendously from this program. Easy to follow processes and negotiation strategies applicable to direct and indirect sourcing situations. Better stakeholder engagement, cost savings, value for money from transactions and much better risk management.

Salahuddin Qaseem Muhhamad Alshamaki - Head of Procurement, Saudi Electricity Company

Thank you for the marvellous training! The program is super! One of the few really excellent training programs I've experienced. It represents well - balanced combination of theory and structure regarding the negotiation process and of practical techniques and tactics. The profile & style assessments were very eye-opening. The last day dedicated to the software market was very much straight to the point and connecting the program even more to our job. Congratulations for this excellent training course and big thanks!

T.I. - Procurement Officer, KBC Group


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Considered the #1 authority on business negotiation, Michael Zieba is the strategic advisor Sales Leaders, Chief Procurement Officers, Business Owners and C-Level Executives come to when they need help with market challenges that erode profitability. Michael is recognised as a leading expert on business negotiation skills development and has worked in 40 countries, with some of the largest blue-chip organisations that include  NGA HR, Vodafone, Network Rail, GKN Driveline, DHL, Nycomed Holdings, Adidas, Mars, TomTom, Qatar Foundation, Saudi Electricity Company, and many more.