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Smart Negotiating Training 2.0 + The Price Negotiation Playbook

Grow Your Business And Increase Your Profits With Smart Negotiating Training, Breakthrough Negotiation Strategies and Leading Edge Tools for Business Owners,  Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, and  Salespeople.

What you'll get:

  • Smart Negotiating Self Assessment
  • >70 training modules
  • Over 400 scripts for you to download: negotiation techniques, persuasive language patterns, statements, questions and responses to support your negotiations, scripts for closing deals, handling objections and deploying and countering negotiation tactics.
  • The BNA Negotiation Matrix
  • Negotiation Preparation and Planning: Tools and Strategies
  • Negotiation Engagement: Negotiation Strategies, Tactics and Techniques
  • Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People and Situations
  • Over 70 pages of scripts, techniques, and strategies to help you leverage and master:
  • Your Unique Value Proposition and Value Messaging: Your USP Impact, Know What to Pitch to Whom, Your FBPQ Sales Proposition Template, Your Unique Value Proposition Audit
  • Qualification and Information Gathering: Opportunity Assessment, 19 x High Impact Situation Questions, 53 x Business Needs, Pain and Pain Chain Questions incl. Personal Objectives, Seriousness, Steps Taken, Ability, and Willingness Questions, 21 x Budget Discovery Questions, 30 x Decision Process and Criteria Questions, 8 x Competition Questions, 12 x Timeframe Questions, 28 x Conversational Solutioning Statements and Questions, 45 x Next Steps and Conclusion/ Commitment Questions, 69 x Connecting Questions and Softening Statements
  • Price Negotiation Techniques: The Flinch, Cherry Picking, Negotiation Countermeasures, Winning Price Negotiation with Multiple Equal Offers, Bracketing a Proposal, Bracketing for Budgets, Bracketing: The Triplicate of Choice, Trading Strategies and Bargaining Models, The Vice
  • Strategies and Techniques for Crushing Price Objections: Eliminating and Handling Price Objections, Up-front Contracts Formulas, A 5-Step Strategy for Handling Any Objections, 17 x Discounting Countermeasures to The Hot Potato, 63 x Discounting Countermeasures to 'Your Price is Too High', 30 x Discounting Countermeasures to 'I can get it cheaper from your competitor', 2 x Discounting Countermeasures to Nibbling, 29 x Scripts for dealing with: 'I want to think about it' and 'I need to talk to my boss'

What People Are Saying:

I have completed a negotiation course with Michael Zieba and could not recommend it enough. You actually leave with physical tools as opposed to the usual 'notebook and memory loss' one typically associates with many training courses. - Dawid Wardell

The course gave excellent tips for negotiation. Excellent use of examples. I liked all of it. Michael made it extremely valuable and inspiring!!! - Jasper van Grunsven

Our team had the pleasure to attend a sales negotiation course with Micheal. It was very interactive. He used a variety of techniques and approaches. Definitely learnt a lot from the course and Micheal himself. What made it more enjoyable and interesting was the course was practical and engaged the whole team with different customised scenarios which we all played out and discussed afterwards. I personally have started using what I have learnt in my everyday sales negotiations. I have improved my price negotiation skills, eliminated discounting and most importantly improved margins as a result. Would highly recommend The Business Negotiate Academy. - Kukie M.